Thursday, April 8, 2010

Somos la Generación C (Cubans in the USA)

I grew up in Miami in a household where...        coffee, milk and sugar were part of a balanced breakfast.  
  My ADD and ADHD was treated with  en cuanto te coja te voy a dar una paliza (instead of Ritalin).  
all it took was just ONE look.  
We loved white rice and fried eggs.. 
 Spanish was my primary language.  
  Spanish was my only language...  
    I had to go to my school open house to translate for my parents.  
My brother, sister and I shared a room until I was fifteen

 Music or TV was never played on Good Friday.   
We ate 'bacalao' on Good Friday because all other fish was too expensive.
We ate 'lechon' at Thanksgiving.
We ate 'lechon' at Nochebuena.  
We ate 'lechon' at birthday parties.  
We ate 'lechon' at every social function.
Tilo and Manzanilla were the remedies to end all  illnesses
 I could have cafe con leche for breakfast but I was too young for a buchito de cafe.  
We watched “la novela” while we were having dinner.  
 I was not allowed to sleepover at anybody's house but they could all come over to sleep at our house.  
We didn't need El Cable because we only watched El Canal 23. 
The carpool was 'el ride', 'el carrito' was the lunchman y 'la lonchera' was the lunch box.     'la carne' was from 'la carniceria' and the groceries were from 'la bodega'. 
Meat and potatoes were literally 'carne con papas.'  
Oxtail stew had the colorful name of 'rabo encendido' or a fiery tail.
People were either 'blanco, Negro, indio o chino.'
The oven was used exclusively to store 'Las cazuelas' and the oil.
'Los perros' was the dog track, 'Las Maquinitas' were slot machines and 'el juego' was anything related to gambling.  
No gambling in the U.S. except for dogs and horse racing, but there was "la bolita" o "un billete" from Puerto Rico .

I grew up in a household ran by Cubans.

I survived in that household ran by Cubans and I'm proud of it!!!

Darn, it's great to be

Cary Roque
Periodista Especializada en Temas Cubanos

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